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Revisit each concept several times. Firm up what you learn. You can revise every concept and watch every video multiple number of times without restrictions during the course period window.

For each Chapter, follow the sequence shown below to make your learning effective

  • View the Chapter Summary slides that tell you what you will learn in the chapter.
  • Watch all the videos that follow. Revisit each a number of times if necessary.
  • Take the short quiz that tells you where you stand.
The Table of Contents helps you navigate through.
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1The GD&T System
2Virtual Conditions
3Bonus Tolerance
4The two Rules of GD&T
6Form Tolerances
7Orientation Tolerances
8Location Tolerances
9Formulas for determining Position Tolerances
10Profile Tolerances
11Run-out Tolerances
12Application quiz
13Designing Functional gages
14GD&T Symbols Review
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